Kingdom of Vikesland

Trans Vikesland Trail

Phase one

The trans Vikesland trail starts beside the Villa at Chokecherry Grove national park. The trail can be driven by nearly any motor vehicle.


It snakes out behind the villa heading north west past Poplar shades. It then heads directly west through this scenic pass.


The trail then bends north past the Vikesland nature preserve to the right. The trail crosses over bubbling brook until we hit a crossroads.


The first crossroad splits once we enter Lloyd meadow. The right road takes us along the eastern side of Vikesland, while the road on the left takes us on the west side of Vikesland.


This is the left side northwestern road winding through Lloyd meadow.


Once Lloyd meadow has been crossed the trail bends north into the forest once more.


Once through the tract of forest we once again come to a crossroad. The road on the right is where the eastern road meets with the western road. The trail heading north west on the left leads towards a cabin at the borders of Vikesland.


We round the bend to the left and head south east back towards the Villa.


We cross Antoine meadow heading south east, passing under the cops of trees ahead to pass into Lloyd meadow on the east side.


Once we have passed through the trees we head south towards the villa. This picture is a reverse shot of the trees seperating Loyd meadow from Antoine meadow. East is right and west is left.


We keep heading south which takes us back through the first crossroad. The road then winds to the south east and brings us right back to Chokecherry grove and the Villa.

Phase two - June 2010.

Phase two will see the implementation of signs along the road.

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