Kingdom of Vikesland

Ambassadors wanted

Vikesland is looking for competent candidates to fill the role of Ambassador in your country.

We are currently looking for someone to become Vikeslands Ambassador to Australia. The prospective candidate must be over 21 yrs of age and no criminal record. Candidate must represent Vikesland within Australia at possible events of importance.
If you are from Australia and are interested in this position, please e-mail your resume along with why you would like to take this position. This position is a non paid position and may require some personal expenditures in regards to travel.
Telephone Interview may be required.

We are looking for Ambassadors in all countries to represent Vikesland. The candidate must be at least 21 yrs old and without a criminal record. Please e-mail your resume to The Secretariate of the Royal office of Vikesland C/O Michael Sigmarrson. Please state which country you wish to become Ambassodor of vikesland in and why.

Vikesland currently has official Ambassadors in these countries:

United States
United Kingdom
The Netherlands

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