Kingdom of Vikesland

Nature reserve

Named "The Royal Nature Preserve of Vikesland" it hosts a virgin boreal forest teaming with wildlife and is cut down the middle by a natural bubbling brook. The Nature preserve is criss crossed with several hiking trails for citizens and visitors alike to enjoy. Mapping and signage of the preserve will commence in the next few weeks along with the building of a small foot bridge across the brook and a rest area along its shore. King Christopher said "I am completely excited to see this nature preserve come to fruition. It is an amazing place that deserves to be enjoyed by all of us."
Making the Preserve tourist friendly with signs and bridges will commence shortly after Declaration days are done. It is estimated that the official opening of the preserve will be mid july.

The area where the preserve is located.

Bubbling brook.


One of the many tree spirits in Vikesland.

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