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The Grand Order of Vikeslandic Knights

The Grand Order of Vikeslandic Knights is a nation building and philanthropic order of Vikeslandic nobility.

Membership in the Grand Order is honorable, humanitarian and in some cases political.
The Grand orders purpose is to help build our fledgling nation to a larger more mature sovereign entity. As well the order supports and helps out in various charitable and humanitarian entities that are international, national and local in scope.
Now that you have become a Knight of the Grand Order of Vikesland, we  hope
that you will continue to do great things for the benefit of our charities 
such as UNICEF and Children's Hospice International.  There are many ways  that
you can continue to help including your support though continued donations 
that will help support these charities and continue to provide support for the 

As a result of the request by people just like yourself  that wish to provide
an even greater service, we have made available a special  offer to the
select elite of Vikesland, the Knights of the Grand Order.  We  are now providing
the opportunity to our Knights to move up in the ranks of the  noble class of
Vikesland and continue to support Vikesland's worthy  causes. 
His Royal Majesty, Prince Christopher I, will bestow the title of nobility 
to you for your works and pledge of financial support for the Principality and her noble charities. Your new title, like that of your title of Knight, will be 
hereditary and you may pass it on to your heirs for future generations in 
recognition of your great honor.

The following noble titles are available with the corresponding donations to
the Principality, the Grand Order and her noble charitable causes.
Bestowing the title of:
Grand Duke/Duchess requires a donation of  $5000.00
Arch Duke/Duchess requires donation of  $3000.00  
Duke/Duchess requires a donation of  $2500.00
Count/Countess requires a donation of $1500.00
Viscount/Viscountess  for your donation of $1200.00
Marquis/Marchioness requires a donation of  $1000.00
Baron/Baroness requires a donation of $500.00
Again, your support helps our charities and provides continued support for 
the Principality so that we may make a better world for all people. 
Again, you are not purchasing the Title, your petition to move up in Noble rank will be assessed and if you are approved, then you will be bestowed the Title accordingly. Your Donation affirms your seriousness in helping others and the nation.

Business of the Order


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