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Prince Christopher I awards President Kevin Baugh with a knighthood in the order of the Rifle and awards him the order of Excellence.
President Baugh has been a good ally and friend with Prince Christopher I and Vikesland. He has helped us greatly and is more than deserving of these two honors.

The Duchy of Nelson
Duke George Nelson has recently purchased 5 acres of land in the state of Texas. Duke Nelson has already implemented a police force with constables and a sherriff. He also has recently appointed a judge.
With the this new purchase we have decided to make this land the Duchy of Nelson.

Royal Council changes Royal title.
It has been brought forth by the Majority of the Royal Council that Prince Christophers Royal title be changed to that of His Royal Majesty. This was brought about because the Prince's role in Vikesland is more that of a king than a traditional Prince who is heir to a throne or is subordinate to a king or Queen. The title of the Princess will be changed accordingly as well.

New documentary in development
Prince Christopher I has by trade worked in Television and film for 12 years. When looking for a subject for a new film project and searching the internet he came across the Micronationalism movement. This intrigued him and was taken aback at how little people new about it including himself. He then started to research this phenomenon and found some of it quite fascinating, especially how some countries like Tibet and Palestine are not officially recognized as countries. Equally interesting is how little states like Monaco and Lichtenstein are recognized. The research then led him to other areas of micro-nationalism such as the legally grey nations like Sealand, Hutt River province and the claims on Antarctica.
So The Prince then started on his own Journey and decided that a documentary on this subject is needed. So Prince Christopher Created the Principality of Vikesland as a real nation project to coincide with the making of this documentary. Shooting of this documentary will start in July 2006.

November 25th, 2005-
HRM Prince Christopher I, is proud to announce to the world that our constitution has been ratified and has come into effect. Prince Christopher I declared the Principality of Vikesland a sovereign nation the 1st of July, 2005 and then started the task of building it. HRM Prince Christopher I is descended from the Noble houses of France in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries notably Guillaume, Seigneur de la Paumeliere and Guillaume II, Seigneur de Nevi. He is also a blood relation to Louis Riel great leader of the Metis nation and founding father of Manitoba.

By permission of HRM Prince Christopher I.

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